Welcome to planet URF!

Citizens of URF! All of the Realms, all the the fandoms. You of the varying magic, dragons, space ships, time portals, creatures, creations, superpowers, superbrains, games, tech, science, past, present, future, or anyone who firmly believes they have a very real arch enemy, pull up a stool and a flagon of mead, for you are most welcome here! The one and only goal of this page, of the URF movement, is to be inclusive. To foster a United group of nerds. A place where we may like more than one fandom, belong to more than one Realm, may obsess over more than one thing or person. May mix, match, combine or otherwise intermingle nerdvurses (nerdversii?). May share our mutual love of all things beautifully nerdtastic and be welcoming and accepting. To bring all of our varying Realms of passions, obsessions, likes and loves into one larger, powerful voice. All Realms, United as one.

The United Realms of Fandom. Nerds Unite!